Sustainability is a Malmo™ core value, and as such all our products are awarded with Greenguard, FloorScore, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

Environmental Responsibility

At Malmo™ we take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We’re committed to creating a safe and sustainable environment, and undertake a number of measures to ensure a positive contribution on the world we live in.


At all stages of production – from raw material preparation and processing, through to product manufacture, packaging and transportation – we aim to use minimal amounts of energy (from renewable sources), and keep emissions to the lowest possible levels.
We follow three main principles regarding our waste output – in order of importance, these are:







Any unavoidable waste that is produced in the manufacturing process is repurposed for production of the bottom and middle layer of the product. Our packaging is sustainably sourced and can be reused (wooden pallets) or recycled (cardboard).

Do No Harm

No toxic chemicals or hazardous substances are emitted during the manufacture, installation or life cycle of Malmo™ products.

Our LVT flooring is incredibly hardwearing and low maintenance, offering a significant usage lifespan backed with up to 25 years warranty. Designed to last, it also requires no repair or upkeep that involves oils, chemicals, sanding or other product usage or potential chemical emissions.

Phthalate Free

Phthalates are used as plasticisers for many products, including flooring, to make plastics more flexible. This flexibility is a fundamental characteristic of LVT flooring, however Malmo™ is completely phthalate free, instead using the same plasticisers that are safe for use in food containers and young children’s toys. This ensures healthier living spaces, and enables our customers to achieve higher standards of sustainability and fulfil the requirements of green building certifications such as BREEAM, WELL and LEED.