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Grand Millennial design: Blending classic allure with modern convenience

For homeowners looking to merge the comforts and traditions of the past with the practicality and aesthetics of today in their interiors, the Grand Millennial design trend is one to embrace. More than just a blast from the past, the Grand Millennial style is a celebration of classic characteristics combined with the contemporary ease consumers want from modern living spaces.

Embracing Grand Millennial style

Homeowners can achieve the Grand Millennial style by bringing together old and new design elements to create a charming yet balanced look. The trend mixes old family furniture with contemporary art and blends classic floral patterns with fresh, modern colours. Bold wallpapers integrate seamlessly with modern furnishings, while sofas and soft furnishings with tassels and fringing give a nostalgic touch.

Key to the design look are textured and woven fabrics that blend vintage style with modern colours. Soft, calming neutrals are seen alongside jewelled hues which add richness and personality to interiors. This is an eclectic look that mixes the old and new vibes perfectly.

Heritage-inspired flooring

Flooring sets the stage in any interior setting and the Malmo™ LVT flooring range offers several aged timber decors that align perfectly with the Grand Millennial style. These designs from across the brand’s Rigid and Stickdown ranges take inspiration from the past, while offering technical performance benefits that are bang up-to-date.

The Bergen Herringbone Plank from the Stickdown Freedom range with its stunning herringbone pattern and natural wood textures offers homely elegance and works particularly well in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Alongside its timeless aesthetic, the flooring offers many modern advantages. The innovative AO coating significantly boosts slip resistance, ensuring safety without compromising its visual quality. It also offers enhanced scratch resistance, thanks to its protective layer, as well as seamless installation capability across large spaces. In addition, it offers a thick wear layer, compatibility with underfloor heating systems and impressive sound absorption, making Bergen Herringbone Plank a flooring choice that perfectly blends heritage styling with contemporary functionality.

Fusing old-world charm with modern convenience

The Ivar Rigid Comfort Plank is another style that works well with the Grand Millennial trend. Warm and welcoming with plenty of natural texture, Ivar creates the perfect base for a wide range of styles and tastes.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Brada Chestnut multi-width plank from the Malmo™ Rigid Senses registered embossed collection offers a multi-tonal floorcovering in warm, rich browns that perfectly replicate the charm of reclaimed wood.

Integrating the timeless charm of Grand Millennial style with practical modern features, designs from the Malmo™ Rigid Comfort and Rigid Senses ranges offer a perfect balance of elegance and functionality. These flooring options not only exude classic allure but also prioritise ease of installation and maintenance, easily meeting the demands of contemporary living There’s no getting down on your knees for a good scrub in the manner of Upstairs Downstairs – a simple dry-mop of the floor with a proprietory cleaner is all that’s needed.

Both of these ranges include the advanced Välinge 5G installation system which ensures a hassle-free fitting with a simple push-down mechanism that secures joints without the need for extra tools. This user-friendly installation process adapts effortlessly to restricted spaces such as bathrooms and washrooms. Its 1mm built-in underlay contributes not only offers time and cost saving benefits, but also excellent sound absorption. Naturally warm underfoot, the floors are also compatible with water-piped underfloor heating systems, ensuring comfort throughout the space.

Paying homage to the past and to the present, Malmo™ LVT offers easy installation and minimal maintenance for both residential and commercial spaces. Designed with durability in mind, these decors ensure that the beauty of the Grand Millennial style endures for years to come.

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