Rigid Senses Pressed Bevel

The Senses Pressed Bevel collection comprises a broad palette of stunning woodgrain designs, all with an authentic registered surface texture and eased bevelled edge.

Trend-inspired and design versatile, the collection includes whitewashed effects, warm greys, classic oaks and rich brown tones to meet a range of tastes and interior styles.

The bevelled edge of the flooring is formed by pressing the surface layer down into the joint during the manufacturing process, rather than cutting through it as painted bevel alternatives do. This ensures the joint is completely water-tight, while the elimination of v-grooves means there are less places for dust to gather.

Like all Rigid Senses products, there is a 1mm underlay already attached. However, the Pressed Bevel collection features the Välinge 5Gi click installation system rather than the Välinge 5G system that’s featured on other Malmo Rigid products. 5Gi provides even tighter joints, but like the standard 5G system it can still be installed by hand with no need for hammers or tapping tools.

For full technical specification details, click here.

ma98 rosvik senses pressed bevel

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