Interior trends – Gail Alcock, Product Director

Working from home and hybrid working are fixtures of modern living now and for the foreseeable future this is going to have a direct, positive impact on home renovation as consumers look to create more space whether it’s a garden room, a kitchen extension or a loft conversion for an ensuite.

The pandemic has put the entire home under scrutiny for decoration, comfort and hygiene with consumers seeking out products that deliver these benefits.

Design-wise, products that offer smooth and seamless surfaces such as luxury vinyl tile flooring will be seen as more beneficial than ever because of the heightened consumer focus on health and hygiene and feeling safe at home and their ability to combine high performance with simple maintenance. From a retailer’s perspective, they also offer the benefits of being easy and fast to fit which can help ease some of the pressures on installation and skills shortages.

As we begin to enjoy greater freedoms again, I think there will be a renewed burst of enthusiasm from consumers for refreshing the looks within their home to psychologically move them away from anything that reminds them of the pandemic times. This may be a bright new coat of paint, a stylish floor or a bathroom makeover with custom-printed wallpanelling – anything that enhances personal pride in the home.

While consumers may not have recovered their confidence to travel again, by contrast they are fuelling a boom in the purchase of a second holiday home or moving altogether to a new part of the UK as part of a life-change. This all benefits those involved in home improvements across the entire UK as people have sought out lesser populated and cheaper places to buy than they might have otherwise considered.

Everyone is beginning to realise that they can all play a part in helping the planet and making sustainable design choices is going to come much more to the fore, especially with the younger generations who are vocal and influential. All Malmo™ products offer Greenguard, Floorscore and ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and in our manufacturing processes we aim to use minimal amounts of energy and keep emissions to the lowest possible levels, making them an appealing and sustainable choice. I think we will see more and more consumers prioritising these credentials when they come to choose products for their homes.

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